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Parental Information

This section aims to answer any questions you might have about Grand Slam Junior Membership and any other information that you might find useful that may not be found in other areas of the site.

Do I as a parent have to become a member?

No – Parents are of course welcome to join and enjoy the benefits of playing with their child if they so wish.  Each club also has family memberships available.

Do I need to stay if my child attends the Club afternoons / matchplays.

We do ask that parents of those under 8 stay for the organized club sessions however for those children 8 and over this is not essential.  We will have a supervising adult in attendance. We will ensure that you register your child(ren) when you leave them, so that your contact details are available to the leaders and supervisors. However if your child is under the care of anyone else please let the supervisor in attendance know.

What are LTA ratings / Mini Tennis Ratings?

A player rating is a way of measuring your tennis ability so you can see how you are improving. Your rating should also guide you to enter the right level of competitions. You need a rating in order to compete. AEGON Mini tennis ratings will help young players between the ages of four and ten get the most out of their competitive tennis. Find out how they work, and where you can get more information here.

What is the structure for competitions and tournaments?

Within the clubs and in conjunction with Tennis Extreme  we run a number of competitive activities during the year.  These include Tournaments (By age and ability), Box Leagues, Matchplays and fun events which on occasions include parents too.  To understand competition on a wider basis please follow the link.  

Are  there any website where I can get more information that would be useful as a ‘Tennis’ Parent?

Yes - there are a number of useful sites. Please follow the links below for more information

If there is any other information that you require that is not here then please contact one of the club representatives and we will endeavor to try and answer your query.